Our History

For over four generations our family has been harvesting olives and producing this green-gold elixir we call Extra Virgin Olive oil. Always maintaining the traditional methods of olive oil producing, we eventually incorporated high-end technics, only to come up with the finest of products, our precious EVOOs.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is not just a commodity to the Greek people. Since ancient times, olive oil is in our DNA. What drives Ariston is to share the Very Best with our customers.

From Ancient Greek pagan religion to Christianity, Extra Virgin Olive oil has played a key role in various religious rites, sports and commercial activities.

It was Athena’s gift of the olive branch to Athens that persuaded the Gods to choose her as the possessor of the city. The ultimate award at the Ancient Olympic Games was an olive branch. You see, what gold is to us today, the olive branch was to the Ancient Greeks. Olive oil was the most important commodity for the Ancient Greeks and still is to this day for the modern Greeks.

Extra Virgin Olive oil is used even in Christian religious rites such as the Christening, where we anoint the child with olive oil. During the dark years of the Ottoman occupation, Extra Virgin Olive oil was used in lamp to give light to the basements of the churches at night so that the Greek children could learn and maintain their roots.

These are only a few examples that show the importance of the olive fruit juice in our human societies throughout time.

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